Tuesday, October 8, 2013

15 Month Stats


Height: 30.75"            13%
Weight: 20 lbs 5 oz     28%
HC: 47.5cm               68%


Height: 31.75"            65%
Weight: 21 lbs            31%
HC: 48cm                  80%

Friday, July 12, 2013

Big Boys!,

Whoops! I have neglected this blog! Lots has been going on and the kids and other fun things have been keeping me plenty busy! It's time to talk about my boys.

Redick and Reid turned 1! Whew, this has been a crazy and fun year! Here are the stats followed by some fun facts about R&R.

1 year stats
Redick:   Height:     28.5"              5%  (I think they mis-measured, he's not that short)
              Weight:    18lbs 3 oz       6%
              HC:          46cm             44%

Reid:      Height:     30"                 49%
             Weight:     19lbs 6oz       17%   (Yes, more than a pound heavier!)
             HC:          46.75cm         67%

Just started walking confidently this week! He has been experimenting with walking for about a month, so first steps right around 12 months. Redick talks and has several words he'll say regularly and pretty clearly. He says, momma, dadda, uh-oh, banana, ahh-choo. They both love to eat and seriously eat so much!! Redick is a screamer and will let out a shrill shriek if he isn't allowed to climb on something or if someone takes anything away from him. The scream session is usually short lived and he is overall a very happy and content kid. He loves to climb on EVERYTHING! Like his big sister, Redick is mastering the art of climbing everywhere. He has long been able to climb up the stairs, on to the couch, chairs, Audrey's bed, boxes, laundry baskets etc. He has recently figured out how to push a kitchen chair around and use it for more advanced climbing such as on to the counter tops, on top of the table and in the pantry. I can't turn my back on him for a second! We officially completely weaned about 2 weeks ago and they did great. Actually, I was hanging on to nursing more for myself than for their interest! They just love food! They both sleep through the night finally and take 2 great naps during the day.

Reid has always been the social boy. He loves attention from anyone and prefers to interact than play on his own. He loves peek a boo and wrestling with Redick. He started walking 3 months ago at barely 10 months old, my earliest walker. By now he has it mastered and has even started running! It's good motivation for me to stay in shape so I can catch him! Reid has learned a few signs and will sign milk, all done, bye bye, and even banana a couple of times. Reid is a little peacemaker, if Redick or Audrey takes a toy from him he rarely cries he just finds something else. When the boys wrestle, Redick screams when he is done but Reid just crawls away.

We are having so much fun! Life is good and we are busy living it!

Doing what they each do best! Reid: walking, Redick: climbing

The whole fam on the 4th of July

Monday, May 13, 2013

Happy Birthday Audrey!

My baby girl is 3 today! 

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Handsome Growing Boys

My handsome little guys were shaggy. There were some serious mullets happening around here. While we support business AND party in this household, my sons don't need to go around advertising that on their adorable little heads. I fixed them right up and they are looking more dapper than ever!

Reid before

Reid after!

Redick before

Redick before

Redick after!

Redick after!


Reid is a legit walker now! He's getting better and faster every day! It's all over if he gets distracted by a pretty girl though!

Bicycle Party!

Audrey turns 3 on the 13th of this month. I can't believe how fast 3 years has flown by! She is such a sweet girl! At least 6 months ago she started asking for a bicycle for her birthday. She was lucky enough to get one and we even threw a bicycle party with her cousins and a few friends. It was fun! We decorated bicycles then had a parade around the block with streamers, pinwheels, noisemakers, flags and a BUNCH of kids! It was really fun!


Huh, I swear it seemed like we had many more kids than this! I guess leading 5 toddlers on a bicycle parade is a little like herding cats. We had fun though!

Family Pictures April 2013

We had family pictures taken last month. What fun! And they turned out gorgeous, bonus!

Audrey's signature "angry eyebrows"